About Us


Nicson’s Building Products is a family owned business that supplies all components for residential house slabs and commercial projects that have a raft slab design. The group started as Waffle Pod Pty Ltd in 2000 manufacturing waffle pods in a small factory located at Penrith. With Engineers and builders understanding the speed and cost benefits of a waffle pod slab demand grew and Waffle Pod moved to larger premises in St Marys.


In 2004 Nicson’s Building Products was established to meet client’s needs of offering a total slab package which includes, Waffle Pods, Reinforcing Steel, Concrete as well as all the slab accessories.


Continued growth over the years has seen the need for further expansion and in 2016 construction started on a larger facility on nearby land. Construction and commissioning was completed in August 2017 on a modern facility utilising the most advanced EPS manufacturing, recycling and material handling technology available.